Monday, December 29, 2014

Clearance Rack Christmas Mantel

It may take a couple of years to accumulate all the details for the look you wish to achieve, but shopping sale racks and after season markdowns is a frugal way to develop a full Christmas mantel.

Clearance Rack Christmas Mantel Decor

I mentioned back when we finished the stone veneer on our fireplace that it made me eager to decorate for the holidays.  Then the holidays were upon us, and sharing what I did with it this year fell to the back burner.

As I closed up the doors on our Advent calendar today, I recalled buying that piece one year after Christmas from a Target clearance rack.

Clearance Rack Christmas Mantel Decor

Focusing on the burlap reindeer as I took those photos, I recalled listing all the good deals I found at Jo-Ann on a quick trip there the weekend before Thanksgiving.  I think I paid $20 for the two of them. 
Clearance Rack Christmas Mantel Decor

It occurred to me then that not one darn item on our mantel was bought full price.

Clearance Rack Christmas Mantel Decor

The garland?  Those are sprigs I bought to go in the stockings the year I hung them from a rod in our old house.  That was during a floral sale at Michael's.

Clearance Rack Christmas Mantel Decor

Even the mirror is one I admired at Kohl's about six months before spotting this last one left on the rack during a housewares sale. I was disappointed to see it was a bit damaged, but that additional 15% off convinced me to finally grab that sucker up.

The stockings are from Pottery Barn.  I think they do a sale every year on those, which is when I bought them, of course.

Clearance Rack Christmas Mantel Decor

Looking at these pictures, I am thinking of running out to get more sprigs for the stockings.  Those were a nice finishing touch in the past.  Often this blog points these things out to me.  Sadly my procrastination on this post makes that realization too late for this year!

Now the stocking hooks, I believe those were full price.  Wild spender, I am.

My point?  Stop reading this blog and go shop.  This is the time to stock up for next year!  So far in my online shopping over the last few days I picked up some Christmas table cloths, lighted trees for our front porch, and some picture frames for a future gallery wall in our family room, all for 60% off or more.

And back to my original point, take a look at last year's fireplace compared to this year's.  While I certainly made an effort to be festive last year, there was an element of what's-the-use involved.
Clearance Rack Christmas Mantel Decor Air Stone

This year's look was worth every (pinched) penny!

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