Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Children's Book Storage Ideas

As Michael and Sophie have grown, so has their use of books. We have always kept the more durable books in the playroom, either on a low shelf or in the basket they are in now, and I switch those out periodically with others in a bin in the basement.  We still read those together during play time, but the interest in Ten Little Ladybugs and Guess How Much I Love You board books just isn't what it used to be (sniff, sniff). We can probably sift out some outgrown books and merge all books into one location now.


The rest of the books live on the top shelf of Michael's closet (formerly on the shelf in their shared closet).  It's well past time to bring them down to the kids' level as the risk of toddler destruction has passed, I certainly don't wish to keep the kids away from books, and lifting the kids to choose their bedtime books from that high closet shelf is not as easy as it once was.


We have also always kept a basket in the hallway for library books, seasonal favorites, and recent bedtime books that are sure to repeat in the coming nights.  This basket still works for us, but I envision it morphing into something bigger, perhaps the central book storage location with smaller temporary storage in both kids' rooms.


Here are some of the solutions I'm pondering for the kids' rooms.

1.  Crates

Although the writer of 29 Rue House states that storing books in two crates as pictured above was not the best solution for her family, I am drawn to how inexpensive it would be, how it would fit well beside Sophie's bed, and that I could paint it to coordinate with her room.

Michael's room has less space remaining for book storage than Sophie's.  There is a small wall beside his door that could house some shallow shelves such as the ones below.

Another use of crates from hellobee

2. Spice Racks
The ol' Ikea spice rack idea at Ikea Hackers
These spice racks were so popular when we were decorating the kids' nursery a few years ago that they were never in stock.  Apparently hacks like this are a little less popular because they appear available now.

3.  Baskets
A basket alternative at Decor Fix
Baskets are charming and shelves are so orderly.  A combo of the two is lovely.

Check back in later to hopefully see some ideas in action!

UPDATE:  Here are the book crate shelves we installed in the kids' rooms.  In addition to ladder shelves in our hallway, they are the perfect book storage solution for us.
Book CratesHallway Bookshelves for Children's Books

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