Saturday, January 2, 2016

Bathroom Storage Cabinet Turned 18" Doll Clothes Wardrobe

Along with a new hardwood floor, the kids' playroom will be getting the addition of a new doll clothes wardrobe.  Unlike the flooring, this improvement only cost us $6.99 since I used a bathroom storage cabinet that we had on hand.

This cabinet hung in our powder room when we moved in.  I considered putting it back up once we finish updating that space since we don't have much for those walls, but we really don't need it for storage in there.  Buying and arranging little bathroom items simply to give it some purpose just doesn't appeal to me.

Bathroom Cabinet Doll Clothes Wardrobe Storage

Sophie got an American Girl doll from Santa last year and has acquired a few little outfits.  Until now we've stored them, like so many items, in shoe box sized storage bins in the playroom.

Bathroom Cabinet 18" Doll Clothes Wardrobe Storagee

The idea came to me months ago to take out the middle shelf from this cabinet, add a tension rod, and buy some little hangers to transform the cabinet into a mini wardrobe, but it wasn't until this recent holiday break that Mike and I snatched up ten minutes and made it happen.  For real, it took ten minutes to unscrew the sides and back, pull out the shelf and its dowels, and pop it back together.  We had the tension rod on hand, and the hangers arrived on the doorstep two days later via good ol' Prime.

Bathroom Cabinet 18" Doll Clothes Wardrobe Storage

If I'd been thinking properly, I would have taken this project on a couple of weeks ago and made a Christmas gift out of the wardrobe.  Sophie loves it, and even Michael enjoyed hanging the clothes up the first time.

Of course, if you don't have an old cabinet hanging around waiting for new life, this would be a great swap site, garage sale, or thrift store item to hunt down.

Below are the hangers we used.  I got the smallest ones for 18" doll clothes that I could find, knowing that anything much bigger than 6" wide would not fit in our cabinet.

With new wardrobes like the  Melissa & Doug Wooden Doll Armoire running about $50 each, I feel like we upcycled that cabinet effectively.

 Bathroom Cabinet Doll Clothes Wardrobe Storage
We'll get that up on the playroom wall when we move the toys back in some time this week, I hope!


  1. Thank you for posting this wonderful up-cycle project! My friends daughter and her family have just moved to Ireland and will be there for the next 3 years. Their 6 year old daughter has an American Girl doll but with weight restrictions was able to take just her doll and no other toys. I have tons of clothing for the doll and will be mailing a few pieces to her each month for the next 3 years! I will order the hangers for her and forward your post to her dad. He can make her the wardrobe following your instructions. She will probably have to leave it when she returns but it will be a great piece for her to gift to another little girl at the embassy when she leaves. Thanks again. It's just ADORABLE!

    1. I hope the idea works out for your friend's daughter! What a great idea to send the little girl outfits for her doll while she's away. I bet she'll love that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here!