Monday, February 15, 2016

Why We Bought Our Quartz Countertops From IKEA

In our kitchen we have new countertops!  However, I can't decide on a backsplash, so it's still not much to look at out there.  In case you are curious, though, the counter is quartz, London Grey by Caesarstone.  We bought it from Ikea for a couple of reasons.

 We knew we wanted something like a classic Carrara marble but learned from a little research that Carrara is prone to stains.  For such a big ticket purchase, that risk was just not an option for us.

A little more online research (such as comparisons at The Lettered Cottage) made me pretty confident that London Grey was the way we should go.  On one of our many visits to Ikea, I saw they carried the product, so we priced it out and sat on the project for a while longer as we continued saving the dough.

In the meantime we also visited a local Caesarstone showroom, priced out installation through them, and found that Ikea was indeed the way to go.  Ikea required a little more DIY involvement than the local company, but we knew Mike could handle that much  (remove the old countertops, ensure that cabinets are level).  A little birdie also shared a rumor that after Christmas there would be a rare sale on Ikea countertops, and there was: 15% off for Ikea Family members.  We took the plunge then.

I'll of course share more photos once our kitchen becomes more photogenic!

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