Friday, January 5, 2018

Gift Wrap Station

If you've ever gotten lost in the beauteous organizational haven that is searching "craft room" on Pinterest, you've likely been hypnotized by one gift wrap station or another.

It's not just me, right?  Rolls of paper and ribbon on rods neatly hung among other supplies has a soothing effect on everyone, I'm sure.

With the reconfiguration that our craft room underwent recently, space for such an area opened up!  Yes, that made me a little giddy.

I based our gift wrap station primarily on the one on the Command website since, like so many projects, I enjoy the speed, ease, and lack of nail holes that Command Hooks bring to any project. They don't pay me at all, but maybe they should considering how I've touted them before with our tablet charging station, many Christmas decorations (did you enjoy the Shared and Doubled throwback post?), and now this.  They're just really handy!

Living in During Gift Wrap Station

Unlike other gift wrap stations that I found, though, I wanted ours to hold those longer rolls of gift wrap as well as the shorter ones.  I also decided to keep our ribbon in a box conveniently located on the shelf above this area instead of on a rod or in a caddie.

Living in During Gift Wrap Station


level (a super long one is best)

4 dowel rods cut to 36"
2 dowel rods cut to 46"
14 Command Medium Utility Hooks

To be sure my shorter rods were centered on the longer ones, I stuck painter's tape to the long level between 0 and 1, 5 and 6, 40 and 41, and 45 and 46.

Living in During Gift Wrap Station
Psst, did you notice my sewing table in the background.? It came!

I marked the wall every three inches in the space where the station would go since that was how far I wanted the rolls hang from one another.  I then placed the level at each height and marked where those hooks would go using the tape on the level as a guide.  I actually placed the hooks consistently to the inside of each piece of tape.

The hooks I used happened to be 3" tall themselves, so as I stuck them to the wall according to the product directions, I just placed each one right above the one before without really looking at my marks at that point. Having leveled the first row, that worked out fine.

Living in During Gift Wrap Station

To me what is always the worst part of using these hooks is waiting an hour after sticking them up before hanging anything from them.  It's tough to be patient, but I've learned that it's necessary!  Nobody wants wrapping paper dropping to the ground because the hooks didn't have time to properly adhere.

Living in During Gift Wrap Station

I hung hooks for the scissors and tape (possibly my favorite part) in an open area, and had hung the gift wrap bags during this closet's last configuration.  They still work there!

Living in During Gift Wrap Station

I'm actually excited for the next last minute Saturday morning birthday party gift wrapping challenge. Between Amazon Prime, this station, and our stash of dollar store birthday cards, I think I've finally got this!

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