Thursday, August 4, 2016

Four Chairs Sitting Room Arrangement

Since we have a somewhat traditional family room with a sectional couch, fireplace, and our TV, our living room inspired me as a space where we could have a little fun.  We could determine how we wanted it to function and forego the standard couch and chair or couch and loveseat type arrangements.  We could get a couple of settees, or a chaise lounge, or...what else?

With other projects taking priority, I had time to consider our living room over the last couple of years and ultimately determined that an arrangement of four chairs circling a round coffee table would be best. 

Four Chairs Sitting Room Arrangement

It feels a bit more formal than our family room while being conversational for visiting with guests, playing board games as a family, or looking at photo albums stored in the cabinet included in the area.  It could also be a retreat for one, a cozy corner for reading a book and drinking a cup of coffee in sunlight and peace.  It could.  I'll have to make that happen one of these days!

Four Chairs Sitting Room Arrangement

Four Chairs Sitting Room Arrangement

Here are some rooms that inspired this arrangement (click images to be directed to source sites):

Truthfully we've had these chairs since before Christmas (2015), but the whole arrangement has slowly taken shape as we ordered and installed curtains, gave the cabinet a fresh coat of paint, and have continued to be consumed by other areas of our house and life in general.

The neutral walls, furniture, rug, and curtains in our living room provide a cozy backdrop for seasonal decor.  I'm looking forward to falling it up a bit in a month or two (not a day sooner).
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Four Chairs Sitting Room Arrangement

We didn't purchase all of these items from Amazon, but here are the products we chose:

The cabinet was a thrift store find from long ago.

I am currently working on wall art to go above this sitting area.  Stop by again soon for that!

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