Saturday, August 1, 2015

Projects We Left to the Professionals

This summer we have made the following improvements to our home:

-Had a stamped concrete patio added out back.

Father's Day

- Improved the use of minimal square footage in our laundry room by reinstalling the interior door so it swings out instead of in and reconfiguring the exhaust so we could move the washer and dryer back and slightly to the left.

- Painted the dining room and upstairs hallway the same color as the rest of the main floor--Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter color matched by Valspar.

kids' closets-9
This room was previously a deep taupe.  This new color is lighter and grayer but really not a major change visually. But it feels significantly better, I swear.
- Had the living room and entry hall painted the same color by professionals (safer and faster than DIY since it's so tall)

- Hired professionals to remove the large mirror from our powder room (again, safer) in preparation for the rest of its facelift.

The essence of living in during
None of these projects was super blog-worthy, but I do want to post some proof that we have not been totally just chillin' this summer.  However, some chillin' has admittedly been done.

The good news behind the smaller improvements is that they make way for others.

For example, I wanted to wait until the upstairs hallway was painted to replace the Ikea shelves with the ladder shelves we previously used in our old basement.

kids' closets-8
The shelves and new paint color make the banister, lighting, and miles of carpet almost bearable, but they're still on the list.


The Ikea shelves just didn't look great, and I had another idea in mind for them.  I'll share more about that in the next post!

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