Monday, August 3, 2015

Organize Kids' Closets for Easy Mornings

Before the kids begin kindergarten in the fall, I wanted to make their closets and dressers more functional so they can get their own clothes ready for the next day as I have always done for or with them since they were babies.

Both of their closets were equipped with the standard high bar with a shelf on top, and we kept those.  We simply added Ikea Billy bookcases (that were previously in our hallway) and attached a lower bar between the bookcase and the wall.

Organize Children's Closets for Easy Mornings 

The kids' pants and shorts are now in fabric bins on the shelves.  Like I did when I organized our kitchen pantry, I measured the shelves carefully and picked out the bins at Home Goods.

The kids' shirts hang to the left of their shelves, currently with the short sleeved summer shirts on the low bar and long sleeved fall and winter shirts up high.  We'll shift those around as appropriate.   On the far right of the high bars are items they will not wear to school like robes and fancy dresses.  I only want clothes that I would approve for school within their reach.  The extra floor space is for activity gear such as our swimming bag and Sophie's dance bag.

Organize Children's Closets for Easy Mornings 

Both kids have dressers in their rooms as well where we keep their socks, underwear, pajamas, and miscellaneous clothes (leotards, bathing suits, etc.).

Organize Children's Closets for Easy Mornings 

 At bedtime each night, the kids will choose their full outfits for the next day, right down to the socks, to minimize morning conflicts, and they'll store the clothes on the top shelves of their Billys.

I wish this project had climbed to the top of the priority list before now, but at least the kids are still at an age when doing things themselves is exciting.  They are already eager to get in this habit.  I even got big hugs and thank yous when I revealed the new setup.  What can I say?  An appreciation for functional organization is in their genes.

And now their jeans are in functional organization!  Sorry, couldn't resist that one.

Organize Children's Closets for Easy Mornings

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