Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mini Projects - Seasonal Chalkboards and Sweater Candles

We have a number of home projects underway right now, and I tackled a couple of mini ones in some free moments this weekend.

This first one I can hardly call a project, but it is a big improvement in my opinion.  We moved our record wall from our old kitchen into the dining room of this house last year, complete with the three blank spots for seasonal changes. 

Seasonal Chalkboards and Sweater Candles

However, it can often be tough to find decorations appropriate for the less seasonal moments of the year.  For months and months those spaces have been empty.

I decided this weekend to put up three small chalkboards for the simplest, most easily changed seasonal art.

Seasonal Chalkboards and Sweater Candles

I didn't make the chalkboards.  Heck, I didn't even buy them myself.  When Mike made one of several trips to the hardware store this weekend, I emailed him a link to these from the Jo-Ann website (along with a coupon, of course), and he kindly grabbed them up.

We've been thinking up other three-word greetings for those less ornamental  times of the year: Back to school. Happy New Year.  Drink green beer.  You get the idea. I'm a crazy lady, I know, but having this minor decorating puzzle potentially handled for all seasons, holidays, and events has eased a very tiny stress in my life.  If you have a seasonal gallery wall that nags at you, I recommend this solution!

My other weekend mini-project (although not so mini as unoriginal) is sweater candles.  We've all pinned this, right?  I've had some sweaters just waiting around for me to get on this for quite some time, one of which lost an arm already for our Valentine's Day mantel back in February.
Seasonal Chalkboards and Sweater Candles

Seasonal Chalkboards and Sweater Candles 

Seasonal Chalkboards and Sweater Candles

Instead of gluing fabric to the glass as the original tutorial described, I fit a sleeve on each dollar store vase, cut it open down the seam, trimmed the fabric into a clean rectangle the exact height of the cylinder, and sewed the edges to make a snug tube.  Basically I made little legwarmers for my candles.

Seasonal Chalkboards and Sweater Candles

 These candle holders are making me very excited to decorate for winter!  Our fireplace is undergoing a makeover that I'm dying to share, and these candle holders will be a fantastic accent.

Neither of these projects is terribly monumental, but sweater candle holders and seasonal chalkboards have cozied up our home a bit!

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