Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Add Color to Cupboards with Fabric

Hanging colored fabric in the back of cabinets with glass doors is a great way to add color to the room without the commitment of paint.

Add Color to Glass Door Cupboards with Fabric

There is a small can of paint in our basement right now that has been waiting to be applied to the inside of our glass front kitchen cabinets for a year now.   When it didn't make the cut as one of our pre-move-in projects, painting these cabinets got pushed to the back burner, and now it may have been pushed off the stove completely. (Don't worry, it was not hot, and no kiddos were around--that was an unsettling analogy for a mommy of little ones.)

Add Color to Glass Door Cupboards with Fabric
I love our white glass front cabinets, our white and glass dishes, and actually don't hate them together.  Putting a color behind those dishes, though, is an opportunity to liven up the space that I just can't pass up forever!

I found myself hesitating on this project not just because others (like that beach bathroom) were higher on our priority list but also because I am hesitant to add any moderately permanent color to main living spaces.  I always fear that I'll have some great seasonal decorating idea but color limitations will get in my way.  I probably need to get over that and still am intrigued by the idea of that year old paint, so it's still a possibility for after the holidays.

However, for now we're trying fabric.  I trimmed my orange burlap (for fall) using a shelf from the cabinets to measure the width.  I also used it for height since these cabinets happen to be about the same size in both directions.

Add Color to Glass Door Cupboards with Fabric

I stuck temporary mounting squares just along the top edge of the cabinet about two inches apart (I may just use mounting tape in the future) and pressed the top edge of the fabric to them.

Add Color to Glass Door Cupboards with Fabric

Finally, I reinstalled the shelves and dishes, and was pleased that the second cabinet went even more smoothly than the first.  I anticipate the whole project being easier now that I have this fabric to use as templates in the future.

Add Color to Glass Door Cupboards with Fabric

For the cost of two yards of fabric (on sale!) and a couple hours of leisurely work, I found the impact of adding fabric to the backs of our cabinets with glass doors to be well worth the investments.

Add colored fabric to the backs of cabinets with glass doors

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