Tuesday, June 19, 2018

To display or not to display?

I recently came into possession of some old copies of six of Shakespeare's plays.  

These are from 1961.  Aren't they pretty?

As a high school ELA teacher with a cat named Oberon (partly for the fairy king, partly for a good wheat beer) whose address and subdivision are also Shakespearean, I believe these should be on display around here.  I'm thinking of our walls.

Perhaps they belong in the powder room?  I have not loved ANY arrangement that has gone up in there so far.  I can never decide if I have too much or too little up and am not nailing the scale with any of it.

I bet my favorite wood worker could make me something like the frames I've seen for Pewabic tiles. Maybe two of them, one horizontal for over the towel rack and one vertical over the toilet?  And this is where I tend to lose interest in decorating in there.  Over the toilet status just seems so sad.
Sidenote: I should not be allowed to browse the Pewabic website.  The snowflake ornaments are currently on sale, and now I am obsessed.  I need those, right?

Maybe the books should go on that big ol' craft room wall?  Yes, it's still bare, but summer is here!  Time to finish crafting the craft room, one way or another.

With the record wall on the other side with a graphic mid-century vibe, that could work.

I'm considering some shadow boxes like these but a bit more substantial.  A mix of those and some book page art like this wreath could be fun.

What do you think?  Do you have any other ideas for me?  How else might I display these beauties?

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