Sunday, November 12, 2017

Cat-Proof Furniture (We hope!)

The four chairs we bought for our living room two years ago have finally fulfilled their destiny.  By that I mean our cat has essentially destroyed them.

The Humane Society successfully guilted us into not having kitty declawed sixteen years ago when we adopted him, and we have been unsuccesssfully shooing him from furniture to his scratching post and trimming threads from numerous chairs and couches ever since.  Mike also trims the cat's claws regularly, but it's really no use. 

We love that old guy, but he owes us a few hundred dollars in damages at least.

These most recent victims were pretty inexpensive, but I did love them.  So retro and elegant all at once, weren't they?  That's not the case once they're threadbare, sadly.

I noticed that the chairs in our dining room that we got around the same time did not suffer the same fate as the living room beauties, and kitty has not been any more gentle with them.  It appears that Ikea has discreetly discovered not only the formula for mass market style but cat-proof fabric.

With that knowledge, we went for some Jennylund chairs this time.

I had actually considered them the first time around, but Mike found them uncomfortable.  His opinion (and fitness routine...ahem) has changed since then.  Still, I worried we and perhaps guests would find them a little too snug, but as I type this post curled up in one, I'm finding myself less concerned.  I see these  actually getting more use than their wider predecessors.

We also replaced the rugs in our living room and family room and bought better rug pads.  The old natural fiber ones were stylish, but they shed a little bit and got a few snags over the last couple of years.  We're hoping the new ones will serve us better and will be a little cozier for playing on the floor.  Our kids are getting bigger, but a cozy floor is still important.

We're all enjoying the changes.

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