Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Local Artists in a New Locale

Years ago in the old playroom, I tied a length of twine to two eye-hooks and hung the kids' artwork from it with tiny clothespins.  It was a solution that cost next to nothing (had to buy the clothespins), and I loved the look of our children's art display..

Children's Art Display

It's taken me a bit to figure out where and how I would hang the kids' artwork in our new place.  I settled on a wall of the playroom and considered taking the old look up a notch.  I noticed that even their child care center has given in to the sleek functionality of art hanging from wire curtains rails.

Making do with what we have is the name of the game right now, though, and we have several curtain rods that we brought from the old place (re-hung some older blinds for our renters), and plenty of curtain ring clips to match.

Children's Art Display

Another solution that cost next to nothing and I love like the look!

Children's Art Display

This new children's art display works for me!

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