Thursday, January 16, 2014

Create a Necklace Organizer with IKEA Hardware

I've come to the conclusion that no jewelry box or other store-bought product out there has the space for the long and chunky necklaces we gals wear these days.  Therefore I've been interested in a well-organized jewelry wall for a while, and the space around our closet door recently became my focus for this project.  I used IKEA hardware to create a necklace holder.

I found a lot of rod and hook system ideas for necklaces online, some using curtain rods, shower curtain rings, and so on.  Most photos I found through Pinterest and Google did not link to the original source, but here's one that did.

For the space I have available, I chose to get two of the 15" GRUNTAL rails from Ikea ($7 each) and some BYGEL S-hooks ($1 for 10 but needed to be pried open a tad to fit on the rod).

IKEA Hardware Necklace Holder

I think I'll get one more rod and pack of hooks the next time we're at Ikea as I had to double up a bit and want some room to grow.  Even as it is, so far this system looks and works great and is conveniently out of the reach of little hands for now.

IKEA Hardware Necklace Holder

There's certainly room for that additional rod below these, and I'm thinking of framing some lace or burlap as an earring organizer to hang on the left side.  I'll keep you posted!

IKEA Hardware Necklace Holder

I love my IKEA hardware necklace organizer.

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